Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Sports Memories

Today has been very busy...busy getting the kids ready to play ball.  We went all the way to Montgomery because we wanted to get the kids equipment from Academy Sports Authority (we love their prices).  Of course the shopping trip was a success.  We ended up becoming famished so we ate at Zaxby's - one of our favorite places to eat as a family!!

The car ride home was a lot of fun. Of course we were talking about hurrying home so we could get the to the field and learn some basic skills.  We got on the subject of "firsts" for each of the kids sports wise.  I will talk a little about that now - for humor of course...

Jenni's first soccer game - we had no idea of the rules so, we would yell "get the ball" and cheer if Jenni could get the ball away from her own teammate Ben (he was a ball hog)!

Kristen's first track meet - we were so proud of her ability to out run all of her teammates half way around the track - only to see her stop mid-track and walk because she didn't pace herself...and then throw up all over the ground.  It wasn't funny then but, it sure is now!

Jenni's first softball game - we really thought she would never get to play then, they put her out there and realized if she just ducked, no one could pitch to her...she was one of the best base runners on the team.

Chandler's first t-ball game - so precious...Chandler showed out with his ability to hit the ball to the outfield and make a home-run because the other team had no idea what to do with the ball.

Kristen's first softball game at catcher - oh my, it started off terrible.  That is one of the most difficult positions to play...she was overwhelmed to say the least but, becuase of her ability to throw the ball so well, coach left her in there. We really thought she would quit that night - she didn't and that made her one heck of a catcher.

Haley's first cheerleading - it was MHS football which she and the squad knew nothing about the game....they cheered the cheer "butterfly" (this is a laugh out loud funny cheer to watch little girls do the butterfly).......and it poured rain...and Haley got a nose bleed.

Jenni's first basketball game - she played point guard and could actually double-dribble very well :)

Haley's frist t-ball game - she enjoyed the batting part everything else was a waste of her time. Some how standing out in the field made her legs tired.

Haley's first gymnastics meet - this was actually a lot of fun to watch.  She performed so well under pressure!  We all realized that a single sport all about her was probably right on track.

Kristen's first cheer session - it was interesting watching a squad of 12 year olds (all which knew everything) stand on a football field and cheer for a game they knew nothing about...she sure came a long way!

Now, we are getting ready to watch Chandler play his first year of baseball and Haley her first year of softball....I can't wait to see that first game - I know there will be lots of memories after that - but, those first ones are the ones that stick the most!! Tears flow from my face just thinking about it...

Chandler getting ready to 'hit' one home!

Haley & Jenni....Jenni making sure baby sister was ready to play ball

Blessing of the day:  New firsts games with the kids....and a baseball training session.

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